Early Catholics who worshiped in Dorchester County during the 1600s through 1700 were buried at St. Giles Field, on the private Tubman family plantation.  This cemetery is still in existence, and visitation is possible.  In addition, early Catholics were also buried directly behind the Tubman Chapel after it was erected in 1767.

The Present Church was completed in 1872 and the graves previously located behind the Chapel were moved to both St. Giles Field and the current cemetery location directly behind St. Mary Star of the Sea.  Prominent historical family names buried behind the church include:  Applegarth, Creighton, Dunnock, Gootee, Jones, Keene, Meekins, Phillips, Shenton, and Tubman.

St. Mary Star of the Sea Cemetery is owned by St. Mary Refuge of Sinners/Star of the Sea Parish.  A Cemetery Fund has been established to maintain the property.  Members of the parish expanded the cemetery in 2000 and plots are available. Please contact 
Sara Applegarth: (410) 397-3245 or Cecile Cone: (410) 397-3034 for more information.

Complete Burial Record for St. Mary's Star of the Sea
 and Tubman Chapel

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